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Biografie II – WIR

Im Rahmen der Ausstellung: BIOGRAFIE II – WIR 2.–27. September 2014 Begleitprogramm / Filmpräsentation im Kino der Fotogalerie Wien: Dariusz Kowalski – Richtung Nowa Huta, AT 2012, Video, 78:00 min. Einleitende Worte zum Film von Dariusz Kowalski

Online Documentary Cinema on DOC Alliance

Dariusz Kowalski: Observation of Invisible Everydayness   Recurrent images of everyday life. How to get distanced from them? How to see the real shapes, colours and details of objects that we do not perceive any more due to our fast lives? Audiovisual artist Dariusz Kowalski has chosen the method of patient observation by means of the experimental camera. He lets the phenomenon of vision emerge in its full strength in front of the camera objective. Challenging the usual ways of observing the surrounding reality, he explores new forms of the image. Join the neverending collage of blinking eyes and camera lenses with your vision and watch the selection of films by Dariusz Kowalski in the week from March 17 to 23 at for free! The Polish-born artist based in Vienna, Austria presents four of his films sharing the theme of observation online. In his latest film TOWARD NOWA HUTA, Kowalski follows the transformation of a district in Krakow which he left in his teens. However, rather than conceiving his return to the once familiar …